Walking the Green Tight Rope

Would it surprise you to find that more green initiatives are proposed than those that actually take flight? What does this statistic even mean to us, and how do we- as active proponents in the green push- successfully acquire tools for a change?

Focus our efforts- tighten our concerted efforts into more specific projects: instead of casting a broad net, cast a much narrower one. Instead of biting off more than we can humanly chew- with regards to mobilizing sustainable efforts that stick within policy and legislation- we need to remember realistic outcomes versus idealistic outcomes.

In some cases, all that it takes for people to think green and adapt to that way of life is just a few examples or tips. That’s why we have decided to give you some quick tips that will help you turn an entire organization to the ‘green’ life. There are a lot of various benefits that your company could enjoy if you start making these changes. The reason why you would get these benefits is that the nature around you and the planet will thank you in ways you cannot even imagine.

5 Quick Tips:

  • Specify the exact area of ‘green’ that you and/or your company will manage. For example: You want to improve recycling in your community- what exact areas of waste management do you want to tackle? Improving and encouraging businesses in your community to tighten their recycling efforts? That is much more specific.
  • Determine what key role you and your organization can play in the areas already specified by you from Tip #1.
  • Identify the strengths that your organization has to mobilize these very specific roles that you will play in accomplishing your green goals.
  • Leverage your organization’s skill sets, into MEASURABLE tactics.
  • Continue to Exchange and Continue to Dialogue: Exchange ideas amongst other organizations with similar ideals; Dialogue consistently with peers within academia and professional sectors- out of this, key connections for action can be made.

Remember, the more specific your goals, the simpler (relatively simpler) your efforts will be. Tighten-up your focus: when walking on this green tight rope, your focus must be narrow, steady and clear.

Go green