Top Eco-Friendly Places in the World


Iceland is truly a unique place that everyone should visit at least once in their life because it is an experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. This place is most popular by all the volcanos and the way they are using that power. The locals have come up with the idea to use that heat from a natural source and create a heating system for cities. There are some cities such as Reykjavik that is using over 95% geothermal power which is harnessed from all the volcanos. This means that almost all the energy they use to power up their homes is actually renewable energy. They have even plans for creating a transportation system that will further preserve the green spaces of this beautiful place. We can say with confidence that this city is the greenest if you look how power efficient they are compared to any other city in the world.


You just have to visit the city of Zurich that is located in Switzerland because it is ranked at the top when it comes to being eco-friendly. This city is considered to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world. The way they have achieved this is very simple, they have invested in the technology that is required to be eco-friendly, this just shows others how easy it is to go green. Other big cities around the world should take this as an example to realize that there are no limits to being eco-friendly. They are not stopping here, they want to further increase their sustainability by investing more funds into this great project. They are all about using only renewable energy sources such as wind and the sun with solar panels.


Bristol, South West England

If you ever travel to England, you have to make sure that you visit Bristol because it is one of the most sustainable cities in this country. They don’t have a very big population, but they sure care about the environment. In 2015 they have invested £500 million just for making new transportation ways that are green. Also, they have invested £300 million into renewable energy sources in order to provide green energy to the people living there. They are slowly but surely climbing up to become the eco-friendliest place on the planet. Some people believe that in 2050 they will reduce CO2 emission by around 80% which is just mind-blowing. Just take a look at some other cities that are not doing anything in order to preserve the environment, they are having a lot of problems with pollution and those problems are affecting the entire planet because they are not willing to invest into green renewable energy and transportation.