Perhaps, a Word from a Green Sponsor??

Would it take money to conquer the bureaucratic red tape that eco-conscience organizations must go through in order to claim any kind of mediocre victory? Does it take a grand line of mobilization and logistics, streamlining from policy initiative and grassroots efforts to ensure some form of effectiveness? OR, perhaps it takes a large sponsor of the right affluence, the right influence.

Maybe the secret to conquering all of these projects isn’t just in the money and it is something much deeper like the influence of big companies and sponsors. Some people believe that the key lies in these big sponsors because if they start investing and believing in this green future, then other people will also follow them. Well, it sure is a great idea and there might be some truth to it because people tend to follow the trend.\


One question continues to plague me regarding sustainable issues, and the race to effect change within this debate: How do we conquer the great divide?

The ‘divide’ is the gap between this message simply being the popular and interesting way a small percentage of citizens see our world, and it is becoming the only way in which we view our environment.

It’s not a matter of translating greener issues and the vernacular that goes along with the subject in terms that make the topic more suitable and palatable to the general public; rather, the real issue comes at the challenge of transforming mini victories into a much grander one. This idea, of course, mirroring the need for the idea of green living becoming more than simply a ‘cool’ thing to fit in just one aspect of our lives; instead, this being the very way in which we live.

Perhaps, a word from a sponsor.

The green movement needs a big-name sponsor from various sectors, masterfully operating to push forward the same specified green issue in a synchronized fashion. Is it really money that makes or breaks this issue? Money that can be gained if a corporation or organization commits to this cause; money that is lost due to an investment in it: Just green food for thought.