Getting Our Green Act Together

Not everyone is convinced that our nation needs to turn its traditionally ways of power and productivity into green and clean, efficient machines. In fact, some would argue that we don’t need to adopt cleaner fuel or expand the ways in which we power our nation. Oh, but I’d beg to differ. Quick and dirty: here are some key points as to why this green movement needs to catch and maintain the attention of political dignitaries, not just your beloved tree huggers:

Hopefully this few pointers will open people’s eyes about the importance of turning to green power which is far more efficient and cleaner. It will require a big change to happen in order for this to come true, but that’s why it needs to gain attention of political dignitaries. We are consuming enormous amounts of power each day and if only we could harness some of that energy from natural sources we could save a lot of money and what is more important the health of the planet.

Health of the planet

  1. providing energy security;
  2. capitalizing on our global competitiveness.

The most significant way that the US can establish energy security is to diversify the ways in which we power our nation. In doing so, we will ween away from our traditional dependency on fossil fuels, curtailing the far-too common crutch on foreign oil. The US also needs to understand that the key in winning this green battle requires it to recognize a need in reforming its typical draw to just one way of power; in time, elevating it to a place that sees all too clearly the various ways of energy and supply. Bottom Line: Not putting all of our energy eggs into one basket allows for safety in the long run; something the US has had to learn the hard way.

Renewable energy as the best investment

In terms of global competitiveness, we need to invest in stronger energy policies for utilities, as well as renewable energy. Why? Not simply because everyone else is doing it, but simply because everyone else is doing it. (Here, the age-old adage that says, “If everyone jumps off of a cliff, should you?Clearly not”, does not apply. In this case, because everyone is jumping right into the safe and lucrative -might I add- space of renewable energy, we need to adapt to the playing field. The United States needs to acknowledge how the game is currently being played and adopt these energy principles.

A direct result of not veering right on ‘Renewable Energy Lane‘ is the welcoming of a dangerous and lonesome trek on the road of irrelevance in global markets.

Long-term investments in this country will leave if we do not get our green act together.