Empowering the Power of New Energy

Renewable energy sources have found success and acceptance across the board due to a few key elements: Businesses have concern over remaining fossil fuel reserves, dependency on importing particular fossil fuels, as well as the stability of the supply. There is also the clear concern of polluting the environment. Lastly, there is, of course, tactical government support and the presence of financial incentives to ensure the success of renewable energy.

Using renewable energy sources isn’t something that we have came up or discovered a few days ago, we have been using these types of sources for very long time. however, the problem with this is that we are not using the full potential of these renewable energy sources. That’s right, if we did, then not one nuclear power plant would be necessary. We are still developing and adapting to these renewable sources of energy, but it is time to start making some bigger changes. We are talking about changes that will affect the whole world and to do that, we need to invest a lot of money.

Renewable energy sources

Lack of investment makes everything harder

The problem is that people who have the money like governments, don’t invest enough into projects like these. If we just invested enough money into building these energy sources, then it would pay off in the matter of just a few decades. Of course, it may sound like a long time, but after that, we could just relax and use that free energy.

But the obstacles and hoops that businesses must jump through in order to get their product to the market are many. Why might this be? Financial backing that it takes to bring these products and initiatives into full fruition could be to blame.  Businesses already require proper capital to stay afloat in the marketplace.

Even in a time when businesses look down the barrel of sustainable and environmental matters, the pressure to cave in and go the “green” route is put at an immediate halt at the onset of financial issues.

Surprise surprise, it takes money to power the new avenues our globe takes to power our every move. Whether it is hydropower that we use, wind, solar PV, solar thermal, biomass, geothermal or ocean- these new explorations that we take for sustainable energy require money to build, research, and produce. Is this to say that we should cease and desist any endeavor taken towards implementing the marketplace renewable energy solutions? No. It is merely a fact that needs to be understood and not skirted around. We are in need of infiltrating corporate sectors, government policy, educational realms, and civil society with standard and consistent answers to the energy debate swallowing common and academic dialogue.  With regards solidifying renewable energy solutions, we need to be realistic, honest and brave.