A Smart Meter?

Today, humanity has many things that are considered ‘smarter’ than our old-time household electronics. We have SMART cars, smartphones, even now a slowly unveiling plan for something called a Smart Grid to handle our ever-growing electrical load. Now a new development: households are slowing catching onto something called a SmartMeter.

If you want to learn more about this SmartMeter, then all you have to do is continue reading. We have put together a list of things that you need to know about this unique device. Just like everything else is turning smart, our electrical meters are also, and this is exactly that. What smart exactly means, well it can mean a couple of things, mostly it means that the device is giving out much more information and it is easier to use it.

A SmartMeter is just like a traditional household electrical meter; however, it is, well, smarter. It can communicate with the electrical grid to do a number of things, such as estimating highs and lows in energy demand, as well as inform electrical authorities that the storm has taken down power lines without involving the consumer. This is all a great convenience, but it gets even better:

A SmartMeter can save the consumer money all the while saving the utility energy.

Saving Energy

When consumers don’t pay their bills or move from one home to another, free unaccounted for energy is provided, a cost that is then passed over to the adjacent consumer. With a SmartMeter the electrical utility can remotely turn on and off electricity to homes thus shrinking the gap of wasted energy or energy theft. This alone can save up to 2.8 billion dollars over 20 years.

It makes everything easier

However, the savings don’t end there. A consumer who has a SmartMeter can actually operate there SmartMeter over the phone and monitor their energy costs remotely, just like the utility. The electrical utility can even text the consumer when electrical demand is high, and if the consumer lowers their thermostat, they could be rewarded with a rebate from the utility thus saving money through efficiency.

The SmartMeter is something that may become worldwide in the next few years as the electrical grid becomes updated. This will allow the consumer to monitor their energy consumption and costs, as well as communicate with the utility for more accurate service. With electrical plug-in cars well on their way to American homes, this just may be something that is needed to better understand our energy trends, consumption, and dependence.